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Don’t let fear of a disease or the unknown control your life. Jesus Christ is holding out his hand to help you out of the darkness. No matter who you are or how bad, He will always be ready to pull you to the light.

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

No matter how bad Meniere’s makes you feel, just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of focusing on the negative try to find at least one thing that makes you happy. There are people with this disease that are either in remission or it’s controlled. You just have to keep trying till you find the best treatment for you. Another thing that has helped me is joining a support group. You learn that no matter how bad you feel there is always someone who has it worse. You may realize your one of the lucky ones. Plus you learn so much from others that actually have the disease. A doctor can only do so much since they don’t have Meniere’s.

Hope everyone has a great day & weekend!