Happy Friday!!!!!

Happy Friday. I hope everyone is feeling OK. With having a disease & trying to cope with all the craziness going on world here is one of my favorite songs. No matter how hard thing get, God will always be there to hold our hand.

Tinnitus: What Is It and Which Rockers Have It?

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If you have Meniere’s Disease, then you probably know very well what it’s like to have constant ear ringing/ Tinnitus. People get it because of trauma to the inner ear like hearing loss or from an illness.

If it’s just hearing loss, a lot of times it happens when listening to something loud for long periods of time like music or work tools. Most hearing loss can be slowed down by wearing protective ear plugs that are rated for keeping out sound. But the problem is, you have to wear them. Stop making excuses because you may not notice the damage for a while. And if you have a baby & take them to church or a place that has loud noises, please protect them. They have no say on what they hear. I love my church & the worship time is like a concert every Sunday, but it bothers me when I see babies in the first few rows with no ear protection. Please take the time to take care of the little ones so that they have a longer chance of keeping Tinnitus away.

Below, is a link to an article that lists many rock stars that have this problem. The media is talking more about it since singer Huey Lewis told the world he has Meniere’s. He says playing live is so challenging that he had to stop. Who knows if it could be forever but Huey Lewis & News did just put out new studio music. Love that he is not letting Meniere’s keep him from his passion of music.

Tinnitus: What Is It and Which Rockers Have It?

Watch “Zach Williams – “Rescue Story” (Official Lyric Video)” on YouTube

While my family & friends have helped me when my Meniere’s Disease was at it’s worst, it was learning the truth about Jesus that help me through it & gain me a purpose to take my struggles & share them with others. If only helping one person suffering from Meniere’s, then I am doing Christ’s work.

Helpful Meniere’s Chart

When someone tells you that you now have Meniere’s Disease it can be very overwhelming. I hope this chart will help you understand it a little more.  While you think your life is over I can tell from my personal experience that you can control Meniere’s & live a normal life.  Feel free to ask me any questions. My answers will be based on my experiences since being diagnosed in 1998.

I truly believe God had me suffer for awhile with Meniere’s so that I can help other cope.


Image is via https://www.nature.com/articles/nrdp201628

God Has A Reason

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  My Meniere’s is still under control but various things have been stressing me out to where I’ve been off balanced sometimes, had a few migraine type headaches, & really tired. With everything going in the world it is easy for one to sink in to all of if & wonder why. It really hit close home in June when the Orlando Pulse Massacre happened. While, I didn’t know anyone that was injured or murdered, I did know some people that had visited their regularly. Old friends that ended up being distant. It’s unbelievable that something so horrifying can happen in the same Central Florida area you live in. I know God is love but you have moments of why. Well, I have been reading my bible & listening to a lot of Christain music lately. It gives me peace & I have a better understanding that Jesus wants us to be on his side. Have faith in him that He died on the cross to take away our sins & give us eternal life in heaven. But there will be challenges from Evil Spirits who’s goal is to take us away from Christ. It may be in the form of terrible events that happen in the world or it could be people that you know that just don’t believe in Jesus & think you might nuts. While It’s to get mad & yell back, I remind myelf that the only way to truly help is to pray & give it all to Jesus. We as humans were given free will to believe what we want. So as a Christian we should never push. You can bring things up but never force it. In the end we pray for one’s salvation & pray for all the people in the world that has been affected by such horrible tragedy.

Sorry for rambling but I feel being honest & getting your feeling out is good for you. Plus, it could help someone else. Thank you for all your support here. I feel blessed seeing people from all over the world is reading my blog. 

Hope you have a safe & wonderful weekend.