Here we go again!

Well happy Saturday everyone. As I wake up this morning I noticed that the right side of my face is starting to hurt again. Praying that it’s not another sign of a sinus infection. Just as I get over being sick I might be getting another one? Right now I just have to pray and stay calm. But I did find an interesting product to help with my BPPV. Since I started the exercises they still don’t make myself dizzy like the doctor or the booklet says. So I am still wondering if I am doing it right. Now all the YouTube videos seem to show someone doing the maneuver to the patient. Maybe that’s my problem. But as I was checking Google to see if my Meniett Device might help BPPV I came across a product called DizzyFix
So I read around the website and watched a few videos and what it is suppose to do is help a patient with BPPV do the exercises correctly by themselves. You clip the device to a ball cap that they provide and you are suppose to make the little ball inside move to the other side. Now BPPV is something that when people gets there is a good chance you will get it again. Many of the comments on the site, Youtube, and Amazon from people say that it works. So I decided to get one myself. This way I will know for sure I am doing the exercises correctly without relying on someone else that is trained to do it. If anything it’s having like having peace of mind. Since I ordered it last night I should see it at work on Monday. I’ll let everyone know if it works.

Hope you have a great Saturday and weekend!

Start Of A New Week.

Well, I felt a little off when I woke up this morning. Took my meclizine & laid in the bed for a little bit before I had to get ready for work. I think what happened is when I was sleeping I ended up laying flat on my back, no pillows at all. So maybe the crystals in my inner were sitting in a funny spot. If you think about the BPPV exercises I’m suppose to do one might do them naturally while they are asleep. Many years ago I remember waking up in a full blown vertigo attack. I had to go to the bathroom & crawled out of bed. I didn’t want to wake my husband up but when I could not make it back I had to yell for help. So when you feel funny in the morning you sometimes think the worst. But I have Jesus now & I instantly pray for peace. He is always there to help me fight & stay positive. I finish out the day being very busy at work but feeling really good. Might try wearing my contacts again to work tomorrow. It’s been about a month. But I’ll bring my glasses just in case.
When times get tough just remember you are never alone. God is there to comfort you if you just ask. He will never say no. It might be hard to understand why this happening to you but in God’s time he will show you just as he did me. I would not be writing this if he did not tell me to do more. So just take a breathe & pray. Then let God hold your hand.

Goodnight everyone!

Why Do We Sleep So Much?

So have you ever wondered why a person with Meniere’s sleeps a lot? Well I have a theory. Earlier today the sky got really dark with some thunder. The pressure starts to change and makes you feel funny, maybe a little dizzy. I think while this is all happening your balance nerve in you inner ear does one thing while your body or brain fights to stay upright. Don’t you think that would tire you out too. Most of the time sleeping it off is better fighting it with medication. Why take it if you don’t have to. Also started the BPPV therapy. That could also contribute to me being tried. Well we’ll see what happens tomorrow 🙂