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  1. Thank you for this blog. My wife suffers from Meniere’s. is there any progress with regard to a cure or is this just a disease that requires constant monitoring.

    • Sorry to hear you wife has Meniere’s. I don’t know if you both read my story. While there is still no cure I can say my Meniere’s is controlled but it was a challange. I was diagnosed in 1998 but after several doctors & 14hr severe attacks every other day I went to Shands Medical Center at the University of Florida. That is where I was prescribed the Meniett Device. It took time but it gave me my life back. I have to keep a tube in my ear drum or after a month the spinning starts up again. Can’t remember when I used the Meniett device last. Low salt, low caffiene, limited beef help triggers. One day I realized God had a plan for me. I suffered so bad with Meniere’s so I can help others like your wife. When I gave my fear to Christ I had peace. Now there are those tough days but I stay strong reminding myself of God’s plan. I would love to know more about your wife’s Meniere’s. Hopefully I can give a few things to try. You can contact me anytime on Facebook messenger. Also I run 2 Meniere’s FB Support groups which you, her or both of you can join. Just click request to join & answer the 3 questions. That helps me know what people are not spam accounts.
      My FB page https://www.facebook.com/naomicooke

      The 2 Facebook groups I run


    • I got the Meniett Device here in Florida & I just found out they discontinued it last year. But there is a company in Sweden that makes a similar device. https://www.meniq.net/gallery.php?id=16 . Now when I got the Meniett, the first thing the doctor had to do was place the tube in my ear drum so that the device could work properly. The “Meniq” swedish device also has to have the tube in place. Fast forward to now, I have learned just having the tube in the ear drum make a huge difference. I haven’t had to use the Meniett in a long time as long as the tube is good. This type of ear drum tube is similar to what little kids get due to constant ear infection. If my tube comes out, which is normally about every 2 yrs, I have about a month before the vertigo attacks slowly start coming. Now my Meniett device cost was $3700 & back in the early 2000s, insurance did not cover it because the device was so new. Don’t know how much the Meniq device is, but definitely ask your ear doctor if they could place the tube in the ear drum I try that first. Because Meniere’s cause a fullness feeling in the infected ear, when the tube is in place , for me it was like letting the air out of a balloon. Hope this helps.

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