This is a blog about my daily life as a Meniere’s Disease patient who’s faith in Christ helps me stay strong and guides me to helping others.

For nothing is impossible with God.
Luke 1:37



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  1. I have known your world and your God. We have that in common. I’m coming to a more active phase of this disease and it is dreadful.

    • I am so sorry to hear that. As hard as it may get remember you are never alone in this battle. God is always there help you through it & so are many other Meniere’s patients. I will keep you in my prayers that things get better. It has for me & it will for you.

      • What do you contribute to helping your Menieres? I am seeing a specialist in Menieres tomorrow at 2pm. I don’t know why, but I feel I will only walk out more frustrated. One miracle, and it had to be a miracle, I was able to run at speed and grab a three yr old who was inches from certain death. I had no reaction, menieres wise, inside I was a mess, and even throughout the rest of the night, no attack or even slightly dizzy. The next day however was another thing. But I do give God the glory for giving me that ability to find the child and run and protect him.

      • Praise the Lord you were able to help that kid. The biggest thing for me is getting the Meniett device & the tube in my ear drum. That was the only thing besides drugs that stopped the 14hr attacks every other day. Surgery was not a good option because I have only lost 30% of my hearing & I was 23. To this day the severe attacks have stopped as long I have a tube in place. I was using the Meniett in the beginning at least 3 times a day. Now I can’t remember when I used it last. Now I do have uncomfortable days before my period starts, when I have a sinus infection, or an allergic reaction medication that is used to treat the infection. I do limit my salt & caffeine. But mainly it’s the Meniett. I will tell you that it is expensive if your insurance will not cover it. I paid $3700 for mine back around 2002. I have heard there more options available for purchasing & some insurance will cover most of the cost. But I would but it again in a heartbeat to get my quality of life back. There are surgeries & injections you can try but all the articles & my doctor at Shands Medical Center said you will loose all your hearing in the infected ear. Here is the link to the Meniett Device. http://www.meniett.com/
        print the information out & take it with you when you go to the doctor. Don’t let him tell only drugs will work. If you don’t like the response from the doctor, check with another doctor. I got several people in my Facebook Support group to try it & they said the attacks stopped. I hope to hear the same great news from you.

      • I believe I contribute a lot by talking to my ENT doctor & trying new things & my doctor discuss what is working & what not Then telling others like the people in my 2 Facebook support groups what worked & what didn’t. Sometimes just listening & letting someone know you understand what their going thru is enough to help a person suffering for Meniere’s.
        I am only expressing views from a patient stand point & helping people see that if your involved in your own health & have a great doctor, you can find some relief. I truly also believe God is a huge factor in my healing. He is the one that guided me to share my story so that I could help others.

      • Thank God you were able to save the kid. As for what I have to contribute is I’ve been dealing with Meniere’s Disease since 1998 when I had my first attack. It took 3 doctors to finally say I have Meneire’s then another 2 to help control it. Ultimately in 2002 I believe, I went to Shands at the University of Florida Gainesville. I was the first person to try the Meniett Device. That has done wonders. Now I have a great local ENT that is open to the information I find online. He told me “I know you take everything I say & double check it” & he laughs. I told him once I had no problem trying new things because ultimately it could help many others. I am not a professional but I hope to give suffers hope by giving them a patient’s point of view. The disease is very challenging at times but one can live their life almost as normal people do. I have been lucky enough to always have a full time job & drive anywhere. I feel I have very little limitation because my Meneire’s controlled. Now that does not mean & don’t have uncomfortable days. You can’t avoid airborne allergies like grass unless you wear a mask all the time. Plus when you work with others you could get sick.

  2. I agree about going to yet another doctor. I recently took control of my disease with the help of my nurse friend. I have been on a raw food diet with no sugar. It was very tough at first, I still crave m&ms. I notice a few subtle changes. My energy is a bit better after an attack. And I recover faster. Praying helps, and a positive attitude. Most days. Other days I’m just to sick to even think about anything else. Good luck!!!

    • Story of successful recovery of a meniere patient
      This is merely a message to
      1. All meniere patients and their relatives.
      2. All ENT doctors.
      3. All homeopaths.
      4. All medical research scholars.

      Patient’s description and History
      Mrs. Mamta Chauhan 40/F
      C/O episodes of vertigo from 13-14 years before,initially 1-2 episodes in 2-3 years. Frequency of episodes increased in March 2005. Vertigo with vomiting lasted for 20 minutes. Repeated by head movement and bending gradually tinnitus appeared. Doctors suggested for audiometric and other investigations. This situation remained unchanged for last 9 years. They concluded it as incurable meniere disease.
      Treatment given(Not Worked)
      1. Tab Vertin (Betahistine) from 8mg-24mg once daily to thrice daily almost continued.
      2.Tab Stugeron occasionally.
      3. Tab Alprex occasionally.
      4. Different homeopathic medicines.
      5. A number of enchantment activities.
      With this other different treatments told by nears and dears were given all in vain.
      Present Treatment(Worked)
      This problem is due to the accumulation of fluid in inner ear. It was observed that during glycerol audiometry the problem was reduced. So to reduce the extra fluid osmotic diuretics were given (mixture of urea 5mg+glycerol 10ml single dose weekly). This reduced the problem to a great extend but it’s taste and feeling after the dose was not very agreeable. Therefore its herbal substitute was selected. One of best herbal diuretics is dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). It is available as homeopathic medicine. There has been no episode of vertigo since the first dose of diuretic was given.
       Taraxacum mother tincture 10-15 drops in water 3 times a day.
       Caffeine free diets i.e. no tea, no coffee, no chocolate only green tea and chicory.
      • Before starting/changing any treatment always consult your doctor.
      • Excess dose of urea is harmful, in case of kidney problem it should not be used.
      • Taraxacum and chicory both increase bile flow so if there are any problem of gall bladder these two should not be used. You may use other substitute.

  3. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease a year ago. For about 2 weeks I was getting light headed and walking out my house would cause me to have a panic attack because things didn’t look like they should. (Everything seemed far away). Finally went to ENT who diagnosed me after monitoring me. I’ve looked up this disease and I cannot find my symptoms listed. I don’t get dizzy, I just feel very light headed at times. I still have bad anxiety and I think it may because I can’t find my symptoms listed and fear I’m misdiagnosed. Can you tell me if anyone with this disease has the light headedness but does not have dizziness? Any information regarding this would be helpful.

  4. There is an Old Gospel song that is called BE NOT DISMAYED. By Civilla D. Martin.

    The lines read:
    Be not dismayed whatever comes, God will take care of you.
    Beneath his wings of love abide, God will take care of you.
    God will take care of you, through everyday, over all the way;
    He will take care of you. God will take care of you.

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