Inner Ear with Meniere’s

Here is a diagram I found on what a normal ear looks & one that is affected by Meniere’s. Many people, including myself take a perscription water pill to help control the extra fuild that might be building. Between low salt, caffiene diet, the water pill & the tube in my ear drum, the severe attacks stay away. But just with any illness each person may have other triggers. There are some that fall which are call Drop Attacks.

No matter what, don’t stop fighting. I have Meniere’s but it doesn’t have me.


2 thoughts on “Inner Ear with Meniere’s

  1. Amazing diagram. Thank you for posting it and for the information. I always suspected that my inner ear was deformed or not perfect so the increased fluid was unable to drain fast enough.

    • Your welcome. I almost didn’t post it because I couldn’t find the original source to credit. Don’t want to get in trouble with anyone 😊.
      I was told in the beginning that the actual fluid sac in the inner ear has a tiny blood vessel or membrane going through the middle. When someone like us maybe has too much fluid either from infections or over producing it, the membrane will stretch till at one point it will break & that’s when the vertigo attacks happen. Have you ever had sinuses issues such as a devaited septum or airborne allergies? Sinus issues are notorious for blocking areas so fluid can’t drain. I never really thought about how far fluid can get backed up when your sinus cavities are not working right. It could be because if the infection or what ever, it will also make our body over produce fluid. Maybe in a normal environment it helps to flush the toxins our of the inner ear.

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