What is Meniere’s Disease?

Here is an informative video explaining what Meniere’s Disease is.

Remember, many doctors still don’t know for sure how we get Meniere’s so it makes it hard to cure.  Allergies, infections, genetics, medication or other factors could cause it. I believe for me it was combination of falling into nasty Marina water when I was cleaning a sailboat. I never got hurt & the story is actually really funny.   I was working with my mom who had a boat detailing service. I was pushing a cart with supplies when the wheel got stuck. Well I fell, the cart start to tip over & I tried to stop it but then I went in with it. I’m great swimmer & I remember my mom yelling “save the wax” because the can was like $24. I did get it but still lost a bunch of other stuff.  When I pulled myself out of the water I could feel my ear get clogged up but then it never opened back up. Now I had just finished a Z-pak medication because I had a sinus infection. My ear felt all clear & the hearing was normal before I fell in. The other issue that I have learned about over the years is I have a lot of sinus problems caused by airborne allergies. I had the allergy test done & found out I’m allergic to 2 types of dust, 2 types of grass, cat hair (which I have 3 of them), American Cockroach.  Now the nurse did tell me that patients tend to get immune to their own cats over time, which I think I have. One male Maine-Coon is 29lbs & because he is so big he can’t clean himself. So we have the vet shave him down for his benefit & also because the cat dander on is back are like huge flakes. When he gets that way I only pet him from the neck up or wash my hands right after.

Now some people think I am nuts for keep them around but these cats are my angels, not only because they are so loving but they help me when I’m really sick. In 2013 the mother cat Sydney died of Cancer. I helped her back in 2005 deliver 5 kittens, two we kept. Ever since then I think she adopted me as her baby.  When I had severe Meniere’s attacks I would end up crawling to the bathroom because I thought I would be sick. Sydney would use her paw to open the door all the way so she could see me & meow. Most of the time I was sitting on the cool tile floor trying to calm the attack. Sydney would first touch my leg with her paw then slowly stand on it so she could touch her face to mine. She would purr & meow probably to tell me it will be OK.  If I was crying, which was most of the time out of frustration, she would lick my face. Then she would get down & lay beside me so her face laid on my leg. She would stay there till I got up which was most of the time 6-8hrs.  People say animals can’t relate but I will say they do & some are so much better than humans. Animals don’t judge, they just love you no matter what & comfort you.  It was a sad day when I had to put her to sleep. Even though the vet recommended not to, I held Sydney’s head in my hands before the shot was given till the vet said she was officially gone. I know she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in heaven & one day she will be sitting there to greet me with a big meow.

17979_322944914448_616704448_3344571_4898190_n(1)Sydney is the is on the right & her daughter Hattie is on the left.


Hope this will give you a better understanding on what Meniere’s is. Sometimes hearing it from a doctor can be over whelming or they just don’t go into the details. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will answers questions from what has worked for me.

2 thoughts on “What is Meniere’s Disease?

  1. How can you help yourself I’ve had so many falls from and Dr got me on fluid pills and melize but it doesn’t work my hearing is bad have pain on side of head but I have boxer she has to out I be falling on the road hadto crawl back

    • Vickie, I am so sorry your are having such a hard time. I started out & still take a water pill with a meclizine a day. It worked for awhile but then in early 2000 I was having severe vertigo attacks 14hrs at a time every other day. After 2 months I went to Shands medical center & they recommended I use the Meniett Device. I had have a tube put in the ear drum in order to use the device. Only side effect was possible infections because of the whole in the tube. Also during this time, I could not have any sodium, caffeine or beef. I believe the beef was the worst because if I ate it, within 10mins I was spinning. My husband made chicken & pork with corn all the time. I didn’t have too much pain but it could be because of the pressure building up in the inner ear. Now my advice is strickly from my personal experience. I had to wait a few days to get the device. It was expensive since our insurance did not cover it back in 2002. We paid $3700 but it gave me my life back. But when the Shands doctor put the tube in the ear drum, it was like air was left out of a balloon. So call your ENT to see if they can put a tube in. For me now when the tube comes out, which is normal, I have about a month to get a new one in before the vertigo starts coming back. I don”t how your diet is but try really hard not to have any sodium, caffeine & beef. It will be hard but you have to learn what your triggers are. If you start feeling better for a week or so then slowly try one thing. It maybe that you need to really detox your system of the triggers food & you might be able to have like beef once a week. When you can go to the store you have to read the nutrition info. I learned how much sodium was basically in everuthing, even soda. Just because it”s a “Healthy” food, I learned form sodium it was better to just eat the original. Another thing I suffer from is airborne allergies. I have a deviated septum fixed in my nose then a few years ago an allergy test & balloon sinus surgery. There that been studies possiblly linking Meniere’s & Allergies. My ENT & allergist has me not doing allergy shots. I have to to up the dose slowly than others because of Meniere’s. I do take Flonase, Zrytec everyday & they are having me try Singular pills. I do notice now when I get around heavy dust or my other allergies, how it starts to affect my balance. I don’t hesitate to jump on vitamins or if really vad, steroids pak to not let the sinus inflammation get out of control for the dizziness gets worse.
      Sorry for overwhelming you with information. You mentioned a Boxer. I have cats even though I am allergic. There is a theory that after awhile you get immune to your own. Their my little angels.
      Sorry again for talking so much. Once you get a chance to read everything, don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Also, let me know how your feeling as well. I don’t know if you have support but I do admin 2 Meniere’s FB groups. You are welcome to join. The members are so nice & helpful be sharing their stories.
      https://www.facebook.com/groups/Vertigosux & https://www.facebook.com/groups/121056944646365/

      Just click request to join & then send me a FB private message letting my know you want to join. I have try to keep the spamming account out of the group & so far the message idea is working. Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

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