God Has A Reason

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  My Meniere’s is still under control but various things have been stressing me out to where I’ve been off balanced sometimes, had a few migraine type headaches, & really tired. With everything going in the world it is easy for one to sink in to all of if & wonder why. It really hit close home in June when the Orlando Pulse Massacre happened. While, I didn’t know anyone that was injured or murdered, I did know some people that had visited their regularly. Old friends that ended up being distant. It’s unbelievable that something so horrifying can happen in the same Central Florida area you live in. I know God is love but you have moments of why. Well, I have been reading my bible & listening to a lot of Christain music lately. It gives me peace & I have a better understanding that Jesus wants us to be on his side. Have faith in him that He died on the cross to take away our sins & give us eternal life in heaven. But there will be challenges from Evil Spirits who’s goal is to take us away from Christ. It may be in the form of terrible events that happen in the world or it could be people that you know that just don’t believe in Jesus & think you might nuts. While It’s to get mad & yell back, I remind myelf that the only way to truly help is to pray & give it all to Jesus. We as humans were given free will to believe what we want. So as a Christian we should never push. You can bring things up but never force it. In the end we pray for one’s salvation & pray for all the people in the world that has been affected by such horrible tragedy.

Sorry for rambling but I feel being honest & getting your feeling out is good for you. Plus, it could help someone else. Thank you for all your support here. I feel blessed seeing people from all over the world is reading my blog. 

Hope you have a safe & wonderful weekend.