It’s Not Over Yet with God

This song has been playing over & over in my head for a few days now, so i have to share it. The band For King & Country has some amazing songs that have helped me while me dad was in the hospital. In November we were told that he would only have 6 months to live because of the end stages of COPD. He was also retaining so much fluid that it was like he was drowning slowly in his lungs. The night I stayed over in the hospital dad weighed 240lbs. Now I have never known him to be over 200lbs & with him being 5’9″, that is a lot of stress. We took him home where he became a Hospice level 1 patient because he hates hospitals. Now there are 4 levels but the nurses said things could chance quickly. He could not do anything but sit around, which he hated. But God was with us & like this song says “It’s Not Over Yet”.  Many people pray for him & mom is in full control of his medication along with the weekly visit from the nurse. I go to their house to help as much as I can plus & am always researching information about COPD.
Our prayers have been answered!!!! Dad now weights 165lbs & has been riding his motorcycle with a side car almost every day. He’s been mowing the grass with the tractor & even talking about clearing some land that he bought before he got sick. While the  doctors can only give an estimation about how long a person will live, he has pass that mark. Dad still is in Hospice level 1 & takes all his medication faithfully. God gave us a miracle.

No matter what you are going through pray for God’s help. He will be there for you. Things may not get better over night but trust in him to take of it.

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