8 thoughts on “What Happens in the Inner Ear with Meniere’s Disease.

  1. My hubby has this. It has been a struggle to explain what it is exactly. We have to continuously remind friends of why we can’t go out to eat, or see a loud movie on the big screen. Now I think I’ll just pop up this video and let it explain.

    • Hope this will help them. It’s really hard for outside people to understand. I use to always get people saying “oh, so it’s like being drunk?” I always reply with “at least your spinning stops when you throw up.”
      It can be frustrating but the more we get people to understand, the more others get help. You would be surprised at how many people suffer without knowing it’s Meniere’s.

      • I know, that’s so nuts! It took years to figure out that was what my husband has. I hope you have found some ways to deal. He finally has. I’m sure it’s different for everyone.

      • When I got the Meniett Device back in 2002, the severe attacks really slowed down. Then with a little research & a great ENT, found out airborne allergies are a thought to be linked to MD. I got that under control. Also had a deviated Septum fixed & the Sinus Balloon procedure done. Haven’t had any sinus infections in 2yrs & I can’t remember when I used the Meniett Device.
        I’m glad your husband figured how to deal with his. I run 2 support groups on Facebook & you are so right about Meniere’s being different for everyone. It’s good to be able to share notes because there could be something a person didn’t think of trying.

      • Oh wow. Very interesting. He saw a new ENT who wanted to fix his sinuses but he seemed like a surgery pusher, so we didn’t really give it much though. Maybe I’ll tell him your results. Wish insurance would cover the Meniett.

  2. My insurance didn’t cover the Meniett because it was considered experimental in 2002. My husband didn’t think twice about going to the bank for a loan. I was having severe vertigo attacks every other day for at least 14hrs at a time. But I would suggest at least getting the tympanostomy tube in the ear drum to vent our the pressure http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1890757-overview . You have to have that to use the Meniett but when he first put it in it was like someone let air out of a balloon. The really severe parts of an attack got better. As for the allergies, I had sinus & ear infections all the time that pushed out the tube. It seemed like every other month I was on antibiotics & a steroid pak. I finally said something else must be going on. That’s when I had an allergy test done. I am allergic to 6 different airborne things. If I get into a lot of dust or grass I start to feel a little dizzy. Before I just thought it was the MD. So I take allergy meds & wear a mask as needed. The surgery was the next step because I tried allergy shots for all six things at once & it was too much. I had really bad infections. Going to try maybe one thing at a time, like grass allergen. I would highly recommend the surgeries though. If he does not have good drainage areas that just keeps everything inflamed & it eventually would start cause vertigo problems.

    You may already know this but caffeine & sodium are big triggers with me. I had to go to nothing then slowly learning how much I could have. Also I have to limit my beef intake because that is a trigger. I do take a prescribed water pill. But if the doctor already mentioned the sinus issues I think he should consider it. I believe that is was the underlying problem that let to MD & a few other things. If you can’t find the root of a problem it hard for every thing else to get better. I know doctors say they don’t know what causes MD but we can go on theories which seems to be working for me.

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