God is so good!

No matter what trails we go through  God is the Good Father & will never let you down. I remind myself of that a lot lately as I deal my health issues & the the hardest part of helping my mom take care of my dad as he is in the finale stages of COPD. He is a 20yr Green Beret Army veteran who went to Vietnam twice. he was also a master scuba diver & master parachuter.  He is now 77 but because of the chemical Agent Orange that was used in the war, he & so many other have health problems.  It’s hard sometimes to see the strong man you grew up will  now have shortness of breathe. I told him that he took such good care of me that it’s now my turn to help him & my mom since I only live 20 mins away. Not only is mom taking care of dad but my grandfather (his dad) lives with them. He is 89 with dementia.

Dad is stable but we don’t know how much time he has with us. A few years or few months. We hope that he will  be healthy long enough to see my brother & his family move back from the Coast Guard station in Guam.  But as each issue comes up my family prayers & God always hears us & answers. I believe we are all going through this together to bring us even closer to each other & to God. Dad believes but we don’t think he is truly saved yet. But he knows when he is really sick the power of prayer is amazing.

Each day is a blessing.

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