Loving Water Kefir

My new obsession is making & drinking Water Kefir. Feeling a lot healthier after 3 weeks. I’ve also lost 10lbs & I think the ear ringing that is part Meniere’s Disease is less. Change is good!

Here is a picture of my Kefir. The jar on the left are the grains making the new Water Kefir which takes about 24-48hrs. The two on the right are Water Kefir with fresh strawberries & pineapples. That will sit another 24hrs then will be refrigerated. The grains were purchased online at CulturesForHealth.com. Hey have a wide variety of supplies & information. They also have great customer service if you have any questions.


Your Always On God’s Mind

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How wonderful is it to know that someone is always thinking of you. When I was really struggling with Meniere’s I felt I was alone & nobody cared because the disease is not something you can physically see. Many patients end up really depressed because you have attacks so often. One guy thought he was going to die. I would cry instantly when an attack happened. I kept asking why me? Then I realized there is always someone that only thinks the best. You many not physically see Jesus but he always sees you. So as friends or family come & go because they just don’t the strength to fight with you, rest assured that Jesus will be with you always & forever.