Dealing With Meniere’s Through Support


Good morning everyone! Just wanted to share my church with you today. It is so great to have a fellowship of people to learn God’s word with  but also for support when Meniere’s or any obstacle that comes your way. It is almost impossible to deal with issues by yourself. I personally have had many depressing days where I struggled with why did this happened to me. But praise the Lord I have a loving family & church family there to help remind me that everything will be ok through Christ.
My mom & I have been going to this church since 2009 & over the years I truly believe God had me struggle with Meniere’s Disease to help others. I feel today that my Meniere’s is controlled but there are uncomfortable days, no severe vertigo attack though,  either because of sinus infections, not following my diet, or bad weather. When these moments happen I want to freak out but quickly remember that I am never alone & pray. On tougher days I lean on my church family by talking to them & asking for prayer.  It is amazing & free service that each of us can have.

If your in the area please feel free to join one of our services. You can also go to our website & visit our teaching archive to learn to past teachings.

Hope you have a blessed & spin free day.

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