Happy Friday!


Happy Friday everyone. I had my follow-up with the ENT doctor & he said the healing from the Balloon Sinus procedure is going well. I will still have to do the steroid/salt water rinse twice a day for a month. I feel great but there will be times though where you feel you have so much draining in your throat. The doctor was very glad that is happening because it means the procedure is helping. He did check the tube in my ear drum & the new one he used is a longer tube. So it should stay in my ear longer.  In case you don’t remember or I forgot to mention it, the tube in the ear drum helps with my Meniere’s Disease. With just the tube, it relieves pressure in the inner ear. I also have a Meniett Device that uses the tube to send low pressure pulses into the inner ear. I haven’t used the device though in a long time. I would definitely say my Meniere’s is controlled. Now we just have to get the sinus thing controlled.

Hope everyone has a safe & wonderful weekend!

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