God at Work: Infused by the Spirit

Well it has been amazing time for me physically & spiritually. My Meniere’s Disease seems to be so controlled that the ringing in the left ear is a lot less. Fellow Christians have told me many times that no matter what you are going through, give it to God & he will take care of it. Now that can be a very hard but easy thing to do. There have been many times instantly I wanted to get mad at the disease. But right away I pray for God to give me strength. Each day can be a challenge because after all we are human & the flesh tends to react for us.  But remember that God does hear your prayers & is always fighting for you, more than you can ever imagine.

Then on Sunday December 7,2014 I was Baptized in the Atlantic Ocean. One may think I was nuts to pick the cold time of year. I live in Florida so I read the water was about 75° with the air being 67° & it was really windy. But when God speaks to you, you don’t question it. When the water first touched my feet it was not nearly as cold as I thought it would be. Also you hear how doves represent the Holy Spirit, well since I’m in Florida I guess it took the form of a seagull that flew by. I didn’t see it till I looked back at a picture. I felt so blessed & still do.

My hope for you & your illness is that you realize you are not alone physically & spiritually. God is always listening & there are many support groups for Meniere’s. I administer 2 on Facebook.



You’re more that welcomed to join. If you don’t mind though please let me know either by leaving a comment below or a Facebook message. Sadly there are many spammers & I try to screen them out.

Hope you have a wonderful & blessed day.


God at Work: Infused by the Spirit

by Henry and Richard Blackaby, Being Still with God Every Day

Meet Henry BlackabyMeet Richard Blackaby

Editors Note: This is an excerpt from Being Still with God Every Day. In this 366-day devotional, each day features a scripture and a short, meaningful devotion to set minds and hearts on practical, godly living every day of the year.

* * *

There was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon, and this man was just and devout… and the Holy Spirit was upon him. – Luke 2:25

When God is at work in the lives of believers, His Spirit of wisdom and truth infuses them with insight and understanding that come directly from Him. Simeon is a case in point…

The Holy Spirit had revealed to Simeon that “he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ” (v. 26). When the Spirit led Simeon to go to the temple one day, Simeon obeyed—and God fulfilled His promise.

Mary and Joseph arrived with the holy Child, and Simeon was privileged to hold the young Jesus. “My eyes have seen Your salvation,” Simeon sang his praises to God (v. 30). The older man blessed the Babe whose life would change the course of history…

The longer we serve God — and Simeon had served Him for decades — the more intimately acquainted with Him we become. When God has access to our heart, mind, and soul through years of fellowship and worship, He allows us to see more of His activity and to be more involved in His miraculous work. Stay alert! God is at work all around you!

Excerpted with permission from Being Still with God Every Day by Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby, copyright Thomas Nelson 2014.

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