Hope For Today.

Hope For Today.

As the work week ends & I’m sit here typing with a headache while I’m waiting to have my car’s oil changed. The smell of new tires in the lobby always bothers me. I’d go outside but it’s like 90 degrees & humid. As the headache gets worse it is making me a little dizzy. One of many challenges a Meniere’s patient goes through. It not easy even with God on your side. As humans we tend to close up & start feeling a little anxiety which makes you feel worse. But you have to remember God has your back & it won’t last forever. There are so many people that just fight to take a breathe. I can’t imagine what it feels like to hear you have something like terminate cancer.
I know it hard in the moment to find something positive but the best thing you can do is pray for God to give you comfort & strength. He will always hear your cries.

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