Teen with hearing loss is state singing champ

Teen with hearing loss is state singing champ

No matter how bad Meniere’s Disease can be, there is hope of a normal life. I can’t remember the last time I had vertigo. For the last several years thanks to the Meniett Device & the tube in my ear drum, the attacks have disappeared. My doctor hasn’t said that I’m in remission yet but I watch my salt, caffeine, & beef intake which seems to be working. Suffered for a long time but never gave up & you should not either. We’re all given challenges in life but it’s how we deal with them is what matters. Just focus the good things in life & remember God only gives what he knows we can handle. Trust that he will take of everything, no matter how bad things get. 


Now if I could just get my airborne allergies under control but the allergy shot treatments, I will be really happy 🙂

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