Always Be Humble

When going through you day, specially when your feeling bad, it’s hard to think about nothing but yourself. One starts to thinking they are the only ones that are living with Meniere’s & you just want it to stop. Well as hard as it is in the moment we must not forget to the be humble & patient. There is always someone who is having a harder time than you. Being patient for me is just to calm down, not freak out & wait for it to pass. I know it’s really hard but the more stress you create the worse you will feel. For me one best things is finding a great support group. One has to have a chance to vent & let others help you up. You will also find out your not alone. I know I’ve mentioned support groups before but I feel it’s really important. To sit alone & dwell on what is happening at that time can make you very depressed. I know that from experience. I normally pray for the strength to stay calm and remind myself that Jesus suffered so much more on the cross & he did it all for us. Then vent on one of my group pages. The comments I get back always make me feel better.

So try finding a good support group to help you during the bad times & in turn you will help someone else without even knowing it.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!