God Is Always Around.


God Is Always Around.

So this week has been a better with my Meniere’s. It’s so amazing how just getting rid of my oil burning car for a new Camry made all the difference. I am realizing that stress plays a more important role with how a Meniere’s patient feels. It’s not just about the food you eat or the activites that can cause attacks but the negative things in your life that stress you out. As hard as it is for a person to deal with Meniere’s, people around them need to learn to understand instead of walking away. One needs support from positive people that you can turn to for help. The biggest thing God has shown me is it is so important to have a loving church family. These last few months have been hard phsyically. Having the sinus infection then having a reaction to the steroid shots. Many times over the years I have cried by myself over this disease but now I can cry with my church family & feel a sense of comfort. It’s important to pray but when you have a group of people praying amazing things will happen.

So I suggest if you are still stuggling with vertigo attacks to really think about the things around you. Realize what the negative things are & let it or them go. Then pray that God will bring positive things in your life. He may not answer right away but don’t loose faith. Sometimes God wants us to grow a little first. But when he answers your prayers you will an amazing love that only he can give. God is with you always through the ups & downs. He won’t burden you with more he knows you can’t handle.