Here we go again!

Well happy Saturday everyone. As I wake up this morning I noticed that the right side of my face is starting to hurt again. Praying that it’s not another sign of a sinus infection. Just as I get over being sick I might be getting another one? Right now I just have to pray and stay calm. But I did find an interesting product to help with my BPPV. Since I started the exercises they still don’t make myself dizzy like the doctor or the booklet says. So I am still wondering if I am doing it right. Now all the YouTube videos seem to show someone doing the maneuver to the patient. Maybe that’s my problem. But as I was checking Google to see if my Meniett Device might help BPPV I came across a product called DizzyFix
So I read around the website and watched a few videos and what it is suppose to do is help a patient with BPPV do the exercises correctly by themselves. You clip the device to a ball cap that they provide and you are suppose to make the little ball inside move to the other side. Now BPPV is something that when people gets there is a good chance you will get it again. Many of the comments on the site, Youtube, and Amazon from people say that it works. So I decided to get one myself. This way I will know for sure I am doing the exercises correctly without relying on someone else that is trained to do it. If anything it’s having like having peace of mind. Since I ordered it last night I should see it at work on Monday. I’ll let everyone know if it works.

Hope you have a great Saturday and weekend!

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