Good Morning!

So I been doing the exercises the doctor told me to do and every time it makes me really tired instead of dizzy. Not that I’m complaining but I wonder if I am doing them right. See the crystals are somewhere in the inner ear canals. The idea of the exercises is to move your head around so that the crystal go back into the Utricle area. Now we all have crystals but sometimes they get loose and move into the canal causing certain types of dizziness. For the most part I feel better. Did feel a little congested last night so I did a sinus rinse to flush the area out. Most people use a Netpot but you can you a ball syringe with a homemade solution of warm water & salt. The Netpot comes with these packets that you add to the water but for me it really burned. So people with sinus issues really need to stay on top of it so you don’t get an infection that would then cause Meniere’s problems. I have also been trying to boost my immune system by taking a good multivitamin plus herbs that are natural antifungals. Garlic, Sovereign Silver, & Goldseal. I also take Quercetin with Bromelain and vitamin C for inflammation. Now you should always start with a low dose. Just because the bottle says take 3 a day, start with 1 to see how you react. If you are ok then add one. I have been going to to get most of the vitamins. They have good prices & local stores. Now if you go to the doctor you should always tell them what vitamins & herbs along with prescriptions you are taking. Some natural items might cause a reaction to medication or make them work less effective. The only way the doctor can help is if you give him the whole picture.

Well that’s all for now. Remember do not hesitate to ask questions or leave comments. I’m always open to helping others.

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