Be Still My Soul

So storms started rolling & I am not feeling great at all. I did mention before that Meniere’s patients seem be affected by the pressure the storms create. Right now I feel a little off balance, ringing in my ear is louder & I have a headache. But as I’m feeling bad, this song by Kari Jobe popped in my head & I just had to share it with everyone. As I listen to the words it gives me peace that this will pass. Hope it helps you as well.

2 thoughts on “Be Still My Soul

    • Thank you so much. I’ve been on this journey for awhile & God has given me a calling to somehow help others. So I figured just tell people what it’s like to have Meniere’s & there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you again for your sweet comment. Remember you are never alone, no matter what.

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