Too sweet not to share.


Too sweet not to share.

Baby bobcat and fawn cuddle after being found during wildfires in Santa Barbara.

God blessed these two little babies and an unexpected friendship was formed.



What A Day.

So like I said yesterday I wore my contacts for the first time at work in a month. It was not comfortable at all. I got this new prescription at the beginning of the year & it was a new brand. It just didn’t seem really clear but I thought it might have been because of sinus issues. If your sinus cavity that is right above your eyes can cause pressure, I’m guessing it would affect your sight too. Well it not much better today & I started getting a slight headache. But to make matters worse it started storming. Now many Meniere’s patients will joke that they don’t need a weatherman because as the storm comes we start feeling bad. I mainly get migraine type headaches and the only thing I can take is two Aleve. There are times when even that does not work. When that happens sometimes I start getting Meniere’s symptoms like the ringing is louder, dizzy, and nauseated. The only thing I can do is sleep it off. I was never so sensitive to storms till I got Meniere’s Disease. It’s amazing how much your inner ear affects a person. But you press on and when you wake up the next day you pray and think positive that it will be a good day. I’ll just try again tomorrow.