Latest: Things are getting better!

So over a month ago I got a sinus infection which is nothing new for me. Last September after going through some allergy tests I found out I am allergic to 2 types of grass, 2 types of dust, American Cockroaches, and cat hair. Now I found online that there might be a connection between Meniere’s and allergies. When I told my ENT doctor he was surprised he didn’t think of it before. The thing with doctors that I have learned even if you find a great one is that they tend to stay focused on the issue at hand. Well I am the type of person that looks everything up and I always ask questions. I was getting sinus infections way too much. So it was decided that I start allergy shots. Well the first 2 months were not good at all. I found out that I could not do the recommended treatment of increasing the dose every week. It was too much. So when I asked the nurse, she said some people may go a month before they increase the shot dose. So when January rolled around I was feeling great by their increasing the dose once a month. Then March rolled around and living in Florida the pollen level was out of control. Got a sinus infection.

2 thoughts on “Latest: Things are getting better!

  1. Very interesting! I was diagnosed with Meniere’s about 3 years ago and it has recently gotten worse, but so has my allergies. I never used to have an allergy problem. I had an MRI done recently due to my dizziness and nausea getting worse and the only thing they found was chronic sinusitis. My regular doc thinks that I am having year round allergies. He put me on antibiotics and a nose spray along with a decongenstant and allegra. He said things look much better in there and he wants me to continue taking the nose spray and allegra and wants to see me in August when another round of allergens start up. I asked to see an allergist to get tested to see what all I am allergic too and he didn’t seem to crazy about that idea I guess due to so many people are allergic to just about everything. I would still like to know if there are certain ones that are worse than other though. My son has a severe tree nut allergy so maybe I am having this type of reaction to nuts or some other kind of food.

    • My ENT was able to test for airborne allergies and it was the best thing I did. I monitor the daily pollen levels and when grass is extra high I am more careful. Sometimes take an extra allergy pill. Then since I know I am allergic to 2 types of dust I wear a mask to clean even to change air filters. You might to invest on better quality air fliters for the AC. I also have an air purifier. Then I bought a small one for work and that made a huge difference. It’s reall nice to know instead of just taking pills or sprays.

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