Why Do We Sleep So Much?

So have you ever wondered why a person with Meniere’s sleeps a lot? Well I have a theory. Earlier today the sky got really dark with some thunder. The pressure starts to change and makes you feel funny, maybe a little dizzy. I think while this is all happening your balance nerve in you inner ear does one thing while your body or brain fights to stay upright. Don’t you think that would tire you out too. Most of the time sleeping it off is better fighting it with medication. Why take it if you don’t have to. Also started the BPPV therapy. That could also contribute to me being tried. Well we’ll see what happens tomorrow 🙂


Latest: Things are getting better!

So over a month ago I got a sinus infection which is nothing new for me. Last September after going through some allergy tests I found out I am allergic to 2 types of grass, 2 types of dust, American Cockroaches, and cat hair. Now I found online that there might be a connection between Meniere’s and allergies. When I told my ENT doctor he was surprised he didn’t think of it before. The thing with doctors that I have learned even if you find a great one is that they tend to stay focused on the issue at hand. Well I am the type of person that looks everything up and I always ask questions. I was getting sinus infections way too much. So it was decided that I start allergy shots. Well the first 2 months were not good at all. I found out that I could not do the recommended treatment of increasing the dose every week. It was too much. So when I asked the nurse, she said some people may go a month before they increase the shot dose. So when January rolled around I was feeling great by their increasing the dose once a month. Then March rolled around and living in Florida the pollen level was out of control. Got a sinus infection.

Latest: Things are getting better! Part 2

Jump to the beginning of June. I got another infection but this was worse. I started getting dizzy at work on a Monday and after 2 hours I had to leave. Then I was so dizzy I stayed home all week. On Tuesday I called my doctor and he gave me antibiotics. Well normally the dizziness will stop but it didn’t. So I got a stronger antibiotic on Thursday. Still nothing helped. So my husband took me to the ER on June 15, the same day my husband started his vacation. Well the doctor said you have vertigo, well duh plus my potassium was really low. They gave 4 potassium pills and 2 large steroid shots. In a few hours I felt better to go to the in-laws for dinner. I was also prescribed a steroid pack. I had a follow up appointment that Monday and the tube in my ear fell out which is normal. So I was to come back Friday to get it back in before my ENT doctor when on vacation. I was still really dizzy. I went to work one day and it was so bad my mom had to pick me up. So that Friday my husband took me to the doctor where the tube was back and we hoped with that along with the Meniett Device would help. He also said I had to get an MRI to check my brain. I was also given Valium to help calm things down. Well after we got home from the MRI office I felt so bad and it stayed that way all weekend. Mom took me to church where I just started crying. The Pastor and his wife prayed over me for healing then 5 minutes later their 6 yr daughter prayed for me. See I take turns teaching Sunday school and she said I was her favorite teacher. She hated seeing me in pain. So I had to wait a week for my ENT to come back. I spent most of the time working from home because I could not drive. The only thing I could think of was the dizziness was a reaction to the steroid shots. That next Sunday a lady at church who was an ICU RN told me that dizziness is a very common side effect. She called me the next day to say I might have to wait 4wks for all of it to leave my system. Did a lot more crying & praying. When my doctor came back he felt the steroids were causing a reaction and the MRI was all normal. He wanted to see me in one week and if I was not better I was going to be sent to a neurologist. So now I went to the follow up on July 9th he said I looked so much better but since I complained about being a little dizzy when moving my head too fast to the left or right or looking up, he said I probably have calcium crystals in my inner ear. This is not uncommon for Meniere’s patients. It’s called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/bppv/bppv.html a>

So I started doing it last night since it’s the weekend. You never know how dizzy it will make me. So far it’s not too bad but I wonder if I’m doing it right. I just have to keep doing it.

Well sorry for another long post but you are now up to date with everything. Oh FYI, since I have been sick I had to stop the allergy shots. Didn’t want to add to the madness, lol.

Have a good evening everyone!