Staying Positive

So just when you think you are doing better with the dizziness, it seems to be coming back. Also my face is feel funny like a sinus infection is starting. Now when I was really sick I was given a stronger antibiotic than the first one. I didn’t throw them away so I decided I’d better start taking them. Now hopefully my DizzyFix that I mentioned before will show up today. If the crystals in my inner ear are the cause of the dizziness, this should help me do the exercises correctly. Whatever I am doing now is not working. Praying that crystals just have to be moved and all will be good. But after work yesterday, as I was laying on 4 pillows on the couch I felt bad about everything but I reminded myself that God only gives us what he knows we can handle and that the negative thoughts are just the evil spirits trying to break me down and join their team. I also reminded myself that even though I feel bad, Jesus went through a lot worse on the cross and he did it all for us. After that and some praying I feel asleep and felt a little better. Another thing that has been helping me is that I’ve been reading a book called “Good Morning, Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn. I am learning so much and it’s comforting to know the Holy Spirit is around us it give us strength and no matter how bad things may seem, it never leaves your side. Jesus promised us that when he went to heaven the Holy Spirit would come. So there is always someone listening when you feel the need help. We just have to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and let him help.

Here we go again!

Well happy Saturday everyone. As I wake up this morning I noticed that the right side of my face is starting to hurt again. Praying that it’s not another sign of a sinus infection. Just as I get over being sick I might be getting another one? Right now I just have to pray and stay calm. But I did find an interesting product to help with my BPPV. Since I started the exercises they still don’t make myself dizzy like the doctor or the booklet says. So I am still wondering if I am doing it right. Now all the YouTube videos seem to show someone doing the maneuver to the patient. Maybe that’s my problem. But as I was checking Google to see if my Meniett Device might help BPPV I came across a product called DizzyFix
So I read around the website and watched a few videos and what it is suppose to do is help a patient with BPPV do the exercises correctly by themselves. You clip the device to a ball cap that they provide and you are suppose to make the little ball inside move to the other side. Now BPPV is something that when people gets there is a good chance you will get it again. Many of the comments on the site, Youtube, and Amazon from people say that it works. So I decided to get one myself. This way I will know for sure I am doing the exercises correctly without relying on someone else that is trained to do it. If anything it’s having like having peace of mind. Since I ordered it last night I should see it at work on Monday. I’ll let everyone know if it works.

Hope you have a great Saturday and weekend!

Good Morning!

So I been doing the exercises the doctor told me to do and every time it makes me really tired instead of dizzy. Not that I’m complaining but I wonder if I am doing them right. See the crystals are somewhere in the inner ear canals. The idea of the exercises is to move your head around so that the crystal go back into the Utricle area. Now we all have crystals but sometimes they get loose and move into the canal causing certain types of dizziness. For the most part I feel better. Did feel a little congested last night so I did a sinus rinse to flush the area out. Most people use a Netpot but you can you a ball syringe with a homemade solution of warm water & salt. The Netpot comes with these packets that you add to the water but for me it really burned. So people with sinus issues really need to stay on top of it so you don’t get an infection that would then cause Meniere’s problems. I have also been trying to boost my immune system by taking a good multivitamin plus herbs that are natural antifungals. Garlic, Sovereign Silver, & Goldseal. I also take Quercetin with Bromelain and vitamin C for inflammation. Now you should always start with a low dose. Just because the bottle says take 3 a day, start with 1 to see how you react. If you are ok then add one. I have been going to to get most of the vitamins. They have good prices & local stores. Now if you go to the doctor you should always tell them what vitamins & herbs along with prescriptions you are taking. Some natural items might cause a reaction to medication or make them work less effective. The only way the doctor can help is if you give him the whole picture.

Well that’s all for now. Remember do not hesitate to ask questions or leave comments. I’m always open to helping others.

Be Still My Soul


So storms started rolling & I am not feeling great at all. I did mention before that Meniere’s patients seem be affected by the pressure the storms create. Right now I feel a little off balance, ringing in my ear is louder & I have a headache. But as I’m feeling bad, this song by Kari Jobe popped in my head & I just had to share it with everyone. As I listen to the words it gives me peace that this will pass. Hope it helps you as well.

Morning Verse

Something help you get through the day.

In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me. (Psalms 56:11)

It’s amazing how God gives you what you need when you need it. It is going to be a rough weather day with 60% chance of rain. It’s already cloudy and I can feel the tension in my neck. So the next time a Meniere’s patient says they don’t feel good just look outside.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Not a good day.

At work right know and I am not feeling well. It rained earlier and now it is overcast. Not the best weather for a Meniere’s patient. Took only half a valium since I am at work. But my neck is killing me which is one of the first symptoms for me. So I used my favorite roll-on Stopain Cold. Controlling my neck really helps keep other symptoms away. But I keep reminding myself “This to shall pass”. Stay positive because there is always someone suffering more than you.

What A Day.

So like I said yesterday I wore my contacts for the first time at work in a month. It was not comfortable at all. I got this new prescription at the beginning of the year & it was a new brand. It just didn’t seem really clear but I thought it might have been because of sinus issues. If your sinus cavity that is right above your eyes can cause pressure, I’m guessing it would affect your sight too. Well it not much better today & I started getting a slight headache. But to make matters worse it started storming. Now many Meniere’s patients will joke that they don’t need a weatherman because as the storm comes we start feeling bad. I mainly get migraine type headaches and the only thing I can take is two Aleve. There are times when even that does not work. When that happens sometimes I start getting Meniere’s symptoms like the ringing is louder, dizzy, and nauseated. The only thing I can do is sleep it off. I was never so sensitive to storms till I got Meniere’s Disease. It’s amazing how much your inner ear affects a person. But you press on and when you wake up the next day you pray and think positive that it will be a good day. I’ll just try again tomorrow.