Dealing With Meniere’s Through Support


Good morning everyone! Just wanted to share my church with you today. It is so great to have a fellowship of people to learn God’s word with  but also for support when Meniere’s or any obstacle that comes your way. It is almost impossible to deal with issues by yourself. I personally have had many depressing days where I struggled with why did this happened to me. But praise the Lord I have a loving family & church family there to help remind me that everything will be ok through Christ.
My mom & I have been going to this church since 2009 & over the years I truly believe God had me struggle with Meniere’s Disease to help others. I feel today that my Meniere’s is controlled but there are uncomfortable days, no severe vertigo attack though,  either because of sinus infections, not following my diet, or bad weather. When these moments happen I want to freak out but quickly remember that I am never alone & pray. On tougher days I lean on my church family by talking to them & asking for prayer.  It is amazing & free service that each of us can have.

If your in the area please feel free to join one of our services. You can also go to our website & visit our teaching archive to learn to past teachings.

Hope you have a blessed & spin free day.

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday everyone. I had my follow-up with the ENT doctor & he said the healing from the Balloon Sinus procedure is going well. I will still have to do the steroid/salt water rinse twice a day for a month. I feel great but there will be times though where you feel you have so much draining in your throat. The doctor was very glad that is happening because it means the procedure is helping. He did check the tube in my ear drum & the new one he used is a longer tube. So it should stay in my ear longer.  In case you don’t remember or I forgot to mention it, the tube in the ear drum helps with my Meniere’s Disease. With just the tube, it relieves pressure in the inner ear. I also have a Meniett Device that uses the tube to send low pressure pulses into the inner ear. I haven’t used the device though in a long time. I would definitely say my Meniere’s is controlled. Now we just have to get the sinus thing controlled.

Hope everyone has a safe & wonderful weekend!

Sinus Procedure Update

Well, I am starting to feel better after having the Sinus Balloon Procedure on December 31st. There is a lot of draining down my throat but I have been told that is all part of the healing process. I’ll keep you posted as I go along.

I was looking online this morning & found some information that might be helpful. Since I have Meniere’s Disease,  it’s easy to automatically think my vertigo is from this disease. I’ve done it many times myself. But here are some other reasons people get dizzy. One that surprises people is getting Dehydrated or Overheating. While fluid retention is an issue with many Meniere’s Disease patients, we tend to not drink as much water. But if you only drink water you can actually get rid of the excess salt or caffeine from your body that are big triggers. It’s when you add stuff to the water it might cause you more problems.

But always keep in mind that each Meniere’s Disease patient is different & what I suggests could help others but could also not work for others. Please keep an open mind cause in the end you know your body the best.

Never Stop Praying


Well the sinus balloon surgery is done. It was not as painful as I thought it would be but it was odd to hear tiny bones cracking. I also got a different type of tube in my ear drum that will hopefully stay in longer. My doctor is great! I did already notice a difference when I went to work. Smells are different. I have a follow up appt. next Thursday.

So I end the year very hopeful that 2015 will have less illness.

Balloon Sinus Procedure


So I went to my ENT doctor this morning & what a surprise, I still have sinus infections that showed on the CT Scan. I will go back tomorrow morning at 7;15am to have a Balloon procedure that will open the nasal pathways & he will inject antibiotics directly into the area. I will also have the tube put back in my ear drum. Praying this will fix my sinus problems for a long time which will hopefully help my Meneire’s.